Carlos Mora Vanegas the big man is he who in the midst of the crowd keeps with perfect sweetness the independence of solitude. Ralph Waldo in long moments of our lives we know we feel alone, sometimes we wish, in order to prepare a new forge to enable his hammer to jump along with other alchemists freedom, or commitment, or the achievement of spiritual growth or why not, achieve break the chain that increasingly more wants to become entangled by the vacuum and the decline of our present time. We also isolate us because we want to reflect, meet us, talk with our I internal or simply experience the silence. Missing teacher and hindu philosopher Jiddu Krishnamurti, stated thereon, that is known the State of loneliness where has been cut with any relationship, especially when there is no sense nor future, no past, only a feeling of complete seclusion. We cannot agree with a lot of people, social meetings, in meetings, in the University, in the family, or simply sitting next to a friend, friend, or sharing affection with someone who we have selected ara form a home or why not, with a person who we consider special and however, suddenly manifests this wave of loneliness that swoops upon us, with a sense of terrible futility, vacuum, abyss, silent. Certainly, for those who are not prepared, instinctive reaction is to flee from it. It is so not us must wonder that you exit in search of company, listen to the radio, watch TV, go to the street and find someone you know, go to conferences, lectures, visit the club, a society or it preaches about God, truth, justice, values, love and everything that involves being played.

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