Advertising Today, few people signed. People are tired of ads, so give them a 80% efficiency and free material and not more than 20% of advertising (and unobtrusive and well done). Rule number 5. Release mailing list should try to stated intervals. The less frequently you release mailing list – the more cools interest of subscribers to it.

On the other hand, very often produce newsletter is also not necessary, because subscribers will take time out to learn and digest each issue to your list. Few issues – bad, a lot of issues – bad. Jack Fusco often expresses his thoughts on the topic. We must find a middle ground that suits you and your subscribers. Rule number 6. Each issue of distribution indicate the name of mailing must insert your personal data: name mailing list, as well as details for the feedback. It is desirable that the circulation distribution, as well as the site list. Very well, if mailing has page on your site or even your own website! It is also very important for subscribers to have access to the archive of past issues to your list.

This file can also lead to the site or web page to your list. Rule number 7. Not overload release mailing materials! Each issue of let's 2-and up to 4 useful information materials. Never make the issues of distribution, which have a volume of letters (plus attachments), more than 200 kb. This annoying subscribers! Materials themselves and not force the issue of links to the sites. Try to have a subscriber as little as possible options for the transition.

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