It was technically very difficult for an artist with a brush, and often even impossible, in fact, worth an interior fabulous money. Of course, airbrushing interiors pleasure does not come cheap, but our studio, in contrast to some other estimates work on the walls completely different than working on cars. We understand and cunning to our clients that work on the car requires special conditions, which are to work on interiors are simply not needed. For example, paint camera when working with interiors we do not need (in the case of qualitative work with car necessary) – is cheapening the work, services, house painter, again, are not required (for qualitative auto varnishing these services are needed) – again price reduction, finally, paints and varnishes used in AIRBRUSH INTERIORS, are less good enamels. Agree, a lot of things that make the interior AIRBRUSH less work on the car. Nevertheless, Many studios mislead people and stubbornly hold 'fee': a simple picture on the wall as if it is estimated a similar figure for cars. So inflated pricing in this segment due more to ignorance customers than the actual costs of individual artists or studios.

The fourth reason – it's a long time. Murals made on the basis of clear and proven experience in technology, the studio allows artists to airbrush 'Unicum' ascertain: observance of simple rules for your room with airbrushing will long to please the guests and the hosts look. Moreover, even the exterior (outdoor) painting, airbrush applied using special colors are dazzling, not months, and years. The fifth reason to decorate their homes airbrushing – is unique. No one else you will not find such a design, no one will ever repeat what you did.

The sixth reason – choice of subject for the painting of the walls is limited only by the capabilities of your imagination, nothing more. Painting a nursery or living room, club or office, restaurant or your front door – everything is possible. Our collection of more than 150 options registration of premises, and such options objectively infinite variety! We can make any design with your words, or to offer their versions of the best interior decoration, if you rely solely on the artistic talents of our artists. The seventh reason – realism of the image caused by the airbrush. Among our clients there are people who want to reflect with wall paintings stories pictures. Moreover, their interested in a realistic transfer images. Using a brush to achieve such an accurate and realistic picture, as in the photo, it is impossible with an airbrush – it is quite affordable. If you want not just wallpapers, as well Desktop art of the highest quality and boundless scene – that interior painting airbrush for you. The eighth reason – can be applied by airbrush reflective paints that glow in the dark. Our the studio was an order for such ceiling painting colors, plot was chosen the starry sky. An example of this work is very revealing. With an airbrush, and special paint we can make the original design of the club or any another room. Achieving the glow of interior painting perhaps due to fluorescent inks and lamps, or by a reflective paint. Art paintings on the walls of the airbrush has obvious advantages. Airbrush walls, ceiling paintings in St. Petersburg: tel. 89046484087 – Dmitry, a consultant for services.

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