The first information on the Kizil-Koba appeared in print in 1843. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Secretary of Agriculture by clicking through. Have long believed that the length of passages of the cave is about 2 km. However, once in 1957 to open a new course ('Shaman's throat'), were additionally examined and described more than 10 km of underground cavities – the grand halls and large galleries decorated with calcite wandering formations. Individual stalactites reach here 5-8 m in length. Special beauty openwork decoration extruded different so-called Indian and Chinese facilities. Academic Hall majestic area of about 300 m and a height of up to 8 meters. Located deep in the cave rooms reach 30-40 m in height and extend for tens of meters along the main direction of galleries Kizil-Koba. Flooded cavity stretch for hundreds of meters, area of some lakes up to 500 m2 at depth of 3 meters or more.

Results in the Kizil-Koba six floors. In the upper floor is dry, water it almost ceased its operation. The lower floors flooded cave era active experiencing of karst development. To pass the lower Floor caves need wetsuits – the necessary equipment can be provided professional cave explorers, serving the cave. Kizil-Koba and known as the archaeological monument: Here the bones of cave bears and material traces of the ancient culture of primitive man, dubbed 'kizilkobinskoy'. Next to the Kizil-Koba cave located Yeni-Sala II, and Yeni-Sala III, where traces of ancient temples and the Iron Age found Beautiful sinter. Among other noteworthy cave is very necessary to mention the cave and mine Aleshin Averkiyev.

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