In view of the inherent heterogeneity of wood density and water absorption, for it is characteristic of 'mobility' – when the whole timber dries unevenly, it cracks and other defects. To eliminate these drawbacks, for manufacture of windows are used instead of 'live' array laminated veneer lumber (three layers). Three-layer glued timber produce in this way: select high-quality wood, from Angarsk pine, larch, ash, making the board. Further plaque load in the dryers, where certain temperature-humidity parameters are supported unchanged for the duration of drying (two or more weeks). These technologies allow the boards to dry evenly. Then, in the sealed chamber of the dried boards are brought to optimum moisture content of 8 percent under11. Once engaged in manufacturing lumber, first produced by culling their planing boards (defect detection) and excision defects.

Then carefully glue the boards by the end. Why should you use a glue is strong enough, because the glued elements must be especially strong. After this timber is adapted to the size of blades, which make up scantlings. The following options lamellae: lamellae of longitudinal cut (runs through the middle, but does not touch it, which is a plus, because the core – is a vice). These lamellae is used in the outer layers of the timber. Slats with other sawing – poluradialnym apply in the inner layers. In this production timber does not end its glue.

The basic rule gluing boards is that the angle slope of the fibers in them should be a counter. This factor drowns voltage boards, so that the product will not lose shape imparted to it. The next stage is characterized by the production profile. This process is now is inconceivable without modern ultra equipment. Individual components made with advanced equipment, is fully prepared and perfectly suited to one another. Particularly successful in making such aggregates of the German and Italian companies. The process of obrabatyvaniya wood, of course, also worth remembering. After all, for the manufacture of windows is not as important as the quality bar has the quality of wood processing.

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