Not to be safadagem, disrespect, me the management of the public money, roubalheira, wastefulness, bad job of what it is of the people! They astonish! Our Government is very badly assisted because government is for directing what it is attributed to it with dignity, respect and always looking for to improve what is hanging. But ours, not! It is much nonsense! It will be that they are only two million the expenses with employees whom one deep cut and without recovery urges so that not they come back to use our money in tickets with these vagabonds? All the workers depend on conduction, several, to the times during the day and they do not earn more for this expense. People such as Jack Fusco would likely agree. Our Ministries are in decay! I wait in God who those politicians, in which I put faith and confidence does not come to disappoint me! What it happens with the public personality? It will be that our Loved Native land will continue badly of the legs of a Government for another one, improving little or almost nothing, although the billions collected? If our President not to give a quality jump and to prove what its speech proclaimed in the campaign not nothing was valid! Little moved almost in one year of management. They say the disembarassed ones that she is necessary to botar the HOUSE in sequence. So great enganao. Sonny Perdue takes a slightly different approach. To each four years this house instead of to arrive at the perfection, becomes each time dirtier its Administrator without ways to organize it, leaving it ready to follow playing with ability the destinations of Health, of the Education, the Security and all more! However, the Brazilian people has claw, courage and faith and is in the watch of that everything goes to improve.

In the eleitoreiro year the hopes if renew. Many tapinhas in the coasts, one cervejinha, one prescribes, many promises, but as soon as everything finishes, them coitado trouxas! They go up to pdium, give themselves with high wages and exuberant stewardships and that one I vault that she was seeing the band to pass waiting that the Government makes, is predestinold to the misery and to depend on crumbs. Brazilian people, more faith and courage to be successful with its proper ways, through study we will arrive there, not in that cavern, but winning in the life, obtaining one better social status, through a work so sweated to find it because the school is not giving subsidy for, mainly, the young to enter in the work market. It is not providing an education condizente with the growth in this Globalizado World! It only form in the great majority maid of mason, ambulant salesman, store clerks because these professions do not demand exuberant resumes what not condiz with the present time where good jobs demand tip technology. Our necessary school to move, our Laws need to move, at last, radical changes so that our Country if becomes acolhedor place and without preconception, providing to young a first honored and worthy work. Our young is discouraged. They leave Average Ensino without conditions to face the work market, without options, therefore they do not lead in its luggage a capable content it stops to exert a better position. The guilt is of the State, of the Country that is not imported in to compete with other countries, in a cultural interchange where the young can to acquire more knowledge through specific studies in the area where they had chosen to give beginning its lives of fights for engaged better days and personal accomplishment in a society.

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