For example, paints butadienstirola less lightfast than acrylic. An equally important criterion for choosing a good paint is resistance at temperature differences, that is weathering. From this figure depends term Service material. What is important is the so-called resistance to contamination and washing. The higher the score, the better. As a rule, resistance to contamination is higher when the paint more dense in texture.

When choosing colors, you need to consider the number of binder and the dry residue. The first indicator should be at least 15% of the volume, and the second – no less than 45%. Exterior paint for the walls is a kind of protection and decoration and building. This may occur when the paint coverage is fully compatible in their physical and chemical properties of the surface of the house. For example, if "fresh" plaster cover steamproof paint, the result of accumulated moisture and the paint peel off. As Table 1 shows, for the concrete surface is better to get alkali exterior paint for wood – preferably waterproof and incombustible.

Modern facade is divided into acrylic, silicate and silicone. To date, the global leader due to its durability, and sufficient water vapor permeability is the acrylic coating. Also facade based on acrylic resins have good resistance to extremes of temperatures. Most acrylic paints can be thinned with water, but this structure is not suitable for every surface. Concrete is better to use alkali-resistant paint solvent. "Finnish paint solvents "Mineral Uni" and "Kiviteks" can be used at-50C. In general, acrylic paint solvents are essential in the harsh climate and conditions of the heavy industrial environment – says nChachalnik Warehouse LLC "Finncolor – Chelyabinsk "Robert Fattakhov. – Water-soluble acrylic paints are more universal. They have virtually no smell and is easily tintable. " Unlike acrylic paints for facades, latex paint has a high silicate diffusion capacity for water vapor and air, but miss the CO2, which is undesirable for the design of reinforced concrete.

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