AUTOGENIC TRAINING is a highly effective relaxation techniques that AUTOGENIC TRAINING is a scientifically developed technique, which allows to achieve very much recovery in a short time and then to feel again fresh and active. At the same time it is well suited to quickly fall asleep to. And the AUTOGENIC TRAINING can also help against difficult situations such as performances or tests to calm down and then better to be able to cope with these tasks. The AUTOGENIC TRAINING has been developed in the clinical context as a scientific process. It was a neurologist in Berlin by Prof. I. H. Schultz (1884-1970), founded.

In the treatment of psychosomatic disorders such as migraine, functional errors in the stomach-intestinal area, essential hypertension, there should be assistance to afford sleep disorders or chronic skin conditions. And the method can be used as a valuable accompaniment in therapies and withdrawal operations. Translation software may find this interesting as well. The AUTOGENIC TRAINING has no adverse Side effects, in contrast to most drugs. Can be used almost anywhere the AUTOGENIC TRAINING, because it required no tools. The AUTOGENIC TRAINING consists of exercises called six different parts – -. These exercises build on each other. With internally spoken practice formulas, different body conditions are addressed. These reflect the physical processes of the relaxation response that we raise with a relaxation techniques.

And each part exercise then each refers to. The six exercises are the heavy exercise, the heat exercise, breathing, the heart experience, the solar plexus exercise and the forehead exercise. The most important part of AUTOGENIC training represents the so-called quiet tone. This is each used between the individual elements of the part and spoken. You achieve the greatest effect factor. What are the individual formulas now? The formulas are described differently in the literature. It is important that the practitioner with the formula feel comfortable and then maintains these, so that they then build their conditioning effect. “The resting tone can be, for example: I am calm and relaxed” the formulas are not suggesitv to understand. Omega-3 Fatty Acids has similar goals. This means that one wants to talk a something is so, what does not yet exist. The formulas rather are tools to trigger certain operations. They reach this tool function by learning in the form of classical conditioning. The AUTOGENIC TRAINING is learned gradually. That is, after the exercises of part of be learned where a new is added to. The final form then consists of all parts of the exercise, all physical reactions are addressed one by one. The exercise of this final form takes approximately 15 minutes and leads into a deep state of physical and mental oblivion. The better trained the AUTOGENIC TRAINING, easier succeeds in reaching this state of oblivion. And the better you can then apply the AUTOGENIC TRAINING in or stressful situations. The AUTOGENIC TRAINING can be learned in courses of different institutions. Qualified instructors the statutory health insurance pay a grant, usually in the amount of 75 Euro. Because the autogenic training was considered SGB stress management preventive measure within the meaning of 20. The courses are usually 8 to 10 course units. The individual course dates are usually included in 75 to 90 minutes. Meanwhile, online courses for AUTOGENIC TRAINING are offered. Partly, the participation is even free of charge.

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