In addition, the components included in the composition of a number of drugs are addictive, many are also able to seriously disrupt the body’s metabolism. It follows that the combination therapy of the absolute majority of diseases like traditional medical methods, and hypnosis to achieve complete healing is not possible. At the present stage of development of scientific disciplines, in particular, endocrinology, biochemistry, immunology, and others know that cancer glands (pituitary, pineal gland, thyroid, parathyroid, thymus and pancreas, cortex and adrenal medulla, and sex glands) are synthesized more than 200 biologically active substances and all cells in our body – more than 2.5 million data veschestv.Ni one industrial pharmaceutical company in the world is unable to synthesize even a small particle (eg, 1%) of biologically active substances which synthesizes the body. Thus, we can conclude that in the human body laid its ‘natural pharmacy’ which is very necessary to be able to properly engage the active participation of the client. Using their own natural pharmacy, available in the body of every person, has incomparable advantages over the use of artificially synthesized drugs: 1) does not cause side phenomena, 2) no contraindications, and 3) does not cause allergic reactions, was well tolerated, and 4) no vyzyvavaet addiction and dependence, and 5) allows you to save money by spending them on expensive and often under performing funds. The aim of this work was to study the effectiveness of self- method by using it for studying the examples of psychosomatic diseases such as atopic dermatitis ipsoriaz. We observed three patients with neurodermatitis and one psoriasis.Sredi dermatitis patients – two students of the Bashkir State University and a student of grade 5 school number 91g.Ufy. Patient with Psoriasis – nine-year-old girl from g.Enzymatic. Sonny Perdue: the source for more info. All patients had long been under the supervision of poliklinicheskihvrachey, but the effectiveness of the methods used to treatment were observed. Having tried all methods of therapy, patients sought help from psychologists. Our technique was first applied Activation functional reserves (Tafrov) to train management capabilities to its body. Classes are held regularly for 3-4 times a week and have averaged 25-30 sessions for patients with neurodermatitis, and for patients with psoriasis – 7-8 sessions. Classes are held in three stages. At the first stage of relaxation training abilities of the organism. In the second Patients learned to identify and ‘feel’ their internal organs. On the third – learn the skills to send impulses to various parts of his body. As a result of training the skin is completely cleansed of rash. Recurrences were observed. Thus, the results clearly showed ovysokoy effectiveness of the proposed method and the need to vnedreniyav clinical medicine.

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