This dessert has a wonderful taste – the taste of childhood, that will not leave indifferent any adult or child. Pie is cooked very simply and quickly. Ingredients: Biscuits 'Baked milk' – 400 g butter – 120 g sweetened condensed milk – 1 b. yolks – 3 pc. lemon (juice) – 1 pc. berries, nuts, chocolate – optional Method: 1.

biscuits crushed into fine crumbs. 2. 100 g butter mash, thoroughly mix it with cookies. 3. The form of grease with butter, put cookies forming a side. Bake the prepared cake for 15-20 minutes at 180 degrees.

4. Beat yolks with condensed milk, add lemon juice. 5. Pour cream mixture the cake, all baked another 10 min. 6. Optionally, the cake can be ready decorate with berries, nuts or chocolate. Pie is not complicated to prepare and not require skills cooks. If you do everything correctly create one, this cake Prada saoim incredibly delicious taste, your family and relatives. Enjoy tea and a sweet table!

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