The daily need of the organism in water is determined by conditions the external environment, as well as the nature of the work. Under normal circumstances, to maintain water balance should be consumed daily 2-3 liters of fluid. Directly in the form of free liquid (different beverages or liquid foods) adult consumes an average day is about 1-2 liters of water. The rest is water, ingested in the form of solid food. Even the "dry" food for 50-60% of water. Water requirements laid down in person to subconscious level. Signal of thirst quencher enters the brain within 15-20 minutes after drinking, when the body has time to be saturated with moisture. Reducing the amount of water in the body by only 1.5% is very thirsty, poor mood, sleepiness, slow movements, nausea, and sometimes redness of the skin.

If the body water content is reduced by 6-10%, it is fraught with headaches, shortness of breath, lack of salivation, loss of ability move and a violation of logical thinking. 11-20% shortage of water causes muscle spasms, delirium, dullness of hearing, vision. And when they lose 25% of water is death. Under normal circumstances the human body adapts to the environment, and water balance would be maintained as "itself". Roughly speaking, he wanted to drink – drank. "Failures" in this scheme are possible with extreme changes in temperature (eg, going to the bath), or with an increase in physical activity (eg, sports). Except addition, the change needs of the body in the water affect the temperature and humidity, the consumption of coffee and alcoholic beverages, the state of the organism (eg, illness), for women such factor may be feeding a child, and so e.

In the hot season is very important to follow the correct drinking regime. In the morning you can drink some more water to create some margin in the body fluids, and in the afternoon, in the midst of the heat, drinking should be limited. It is very important properly maintain the water balance of those involved in sports. Doctors recommend doing it this way. 2-3 hours before playing sports should drink 400-600 ml of water during exercise to compensate for fluid loss organism – every 15-20 minutes 150-350 ml of water after a workout – 150% of the weight loss during exercise.

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