Lizard has zones propitiates for the farming and the cattle one what it contributed so that the local economy grew. In one area of intent agrarian structure, where the number of jobs in the field if becomes each time scarcer and the modernization liberates man power, the activities not-agriculturists are basic for the survival of the agricultural families. It is important to point out that when the agricultural areas of modernization of the state of Sergipe become mention, the region Center-South, where the city of Lizard is situated, it is considered as reference. Being thus, it is not I exaggerate to speak in release of arms of agriculture in consequence of the modernization process. Citing Oliveira, when it comments the deepening of the relation of the industrial monopolista capital with agriculture: ' ' It is basic to explain that the capital does not transform of one time all alone the production forms into production dictated by the capitalist profit. The development of the capitalism if makes of different form and contraditria' ' (OLIVEIRA, 1999, P. 29).

Being thus, from criteria related with sources in the establishment of dimensions, acquired for the use of the factorial analysis, authors as Celsius Antonio Lodder, had created a classification where he is possible to study the potential of economic growth of Brazilian cities, allowing to correlate some performances of the cities and the capacity of analysis that the adopted procedures allow, as for example, to consider the economic growth occurrence in cities that are part of groups of cities relatively poor. That is, inside you analyze of them, the city of Lizard searched inside of a group of still agricultural cities, if he severely detaches with its economy and expansion. 3. Methodology the research this basing on data of the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Estatstica (IBGE), as well as in research of field carried through in visits the Municipal Library Silvio Romero, data raised in the CDL (Chamber of Store Controllers) and control points of the city, to elaborate correlation of time and space, beyond Bibliographical Referencial.

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