Prior to the spread of potatoes, bread was the staple food in Russia. Dough for the Russian people – a symbol of the great labor invested in the cultivation and production of bread and a symbol of a prosperous life. After proverb "the bread – the head of everything" all put into place. In this sense, the greatest Russian custom to meet our dear guests' bread and salt. In Christian nations bread has a religious sense, because in church practice under the species of bread tastes divine body of Jesus Christ. Although the range of grain production in Russia has expanded several times since the Soviet era, the most widespread types of grain products currently remain loaf and rectangular tin bread, industrially produced by bakery. And in Germany Basis any breakfast in Germany – the bread and buns.

Give an exact figure breads no one can, because in almost every city and region has its own special class, and besides, almost every day brings new and "fashionable." Of course, there is also growing trends. For example, now the last cry – it's dietary variety with a reduced calorie. A In addition, in Germany you will find bread with any additives: potato bread, carrot, cabbage. Bread with olives, bread with nuts, bread and pumpkin seeds Actually, probably anywhere in the world consumed more black corn bread, than in Germany.

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