WHEN ANALYZING the diving of a kiss-flower in full flight, a researcher of the University of California, in Berkeley, U.S.A., concluded the following one: the BIRD is faster than an AIRPLANE the SPURT, taking itself in account how many times for according to it cover in the distance equivalent to the length of its body. Christopher Clark filmed the rituals of acasalamento of the one males determined species and calculated that, when giving a levelling one to impress the females, ' ' these feathered tumblers had almost reached speeds of 400 lengths of body for segundo' '. Joe Coulombe often addresses the matter in his writings. A speed thus is comparativily ' ' greater of what of an airplane of caa' ' in its maximum power, Clark says. In the end of its diving, when the bird makes an ascending flight, it she is submitted the ten times the value of the force of the gravity – more than what fighter pilots can aguentar without fainting..

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