State and insurers are looking for solutions in Germany the average age of the population is always higher. Reasons for this are not only in a falling birth rate, also the medical care is getting better and better, so that life expectancy is steadily increasing. The insurance Portal in a study shows how the new structure of the pyramid on the contributions to the statutory long-term care insurance will affect, and what alternatives there might be in the future. While the number of retirees is always higher, the number of taxpayers decreases at the same time more and more. For the revenue of the care insurance that is disastrous, because the taxpayers pay the contributions for the legal care insurance.

In parallel, an avalanche of costs threatens the maintenance funds. Experts predict that the cost of care will rise within the next 40 years of 19 billion euros in 2008 to 37 billion euros. The extension of the care catalogue adopted by the Government is still not included. Based on Experts predict a post explosion at worst six per cent in the year 2060 this information. That would be more than three times compared to the current contribution rate of 1.95 percent. To stop this development, the Government in the future will make a private additional insurance mandatory. The private health insurers are already working on concepts for a supplementary funded long-term care insurance. The numbers speak for this type of insurance. While the State assessment system in the past has not proven, the capital-forming system of private health insurance saved us and constant capital of around EUR 144 billion since 1949. More information:…/ pkv study… Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH

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