National quarrels on Reforms in the legislation and the systems of federal, state and municipal education 15 Ivanildo Loving Agra1977-1982Reforma of education, update of professors, it remodels in the public schools. Reforms in the national system of education, teaching qualification? Projetos of habitation, health and educaoProgramas Politics and 17 National public Jose ngelo de Carvalho1988-1992 Execuo de Obras in the agricultural zone: reform and Magnifying of schools and state ranks of sadeProgramas and public politics? SUS- APMI, etc. 18 Geov Lustosa Barreto Cabral1992-1996 Execuo and Ampliao of the Project of the COHAB? s I and II, assistance to the health and education of the quarters and agricultural zone. Federal and state programs and public Politics for habitation and Placid construction of schools 19 of Angelim1996-2000Ampliao Aquino of workmanships in the health areas, education and social assistance. Programs of federal and state public politics for health, education and 20 social assistance Moiss de cultural and social Lima Sampaio2000-2004Projetos of representation and popular participation in the headquarters and the agricultural zone. Programs and public politics for culture and education and sports 21Fernando Lustosa Cabral2004-2008Execuo de cultural, social Projetos, Magnifying of workmanships in the habitation areas, education, health and basic sanitation.

Programs of popular participation and cultural rescue in the education and health. 22 Ferdinando Rasp of Carvalho2008-2012Projetos of popular participation in the events of the centenarian. Envolvement of schools, institutions and private companies in the execution of the projects of the public power. Acquisition of agricultural implementos, equipment, programs and projects of infromatizao and technology in the health and education of the city. Programs and public politics of social inclusion; projects directed toward the citizenship question, environment and diversity culture lincluindo the etnias and its contribution in the city.

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