Furthermore, we must take into account the fact that the top shelf should be above the upper stone oven for at least 50-100 cm Top shelf can be obtained from a good fake, aspen or poplar boards: they are pleasing to the body, dries quickly and does not contain tar. Make a shelf on the frames of beams, having the board across the frame so as to leave a small gap. In this board are fixed with stainless steel screws from the rails to their hats are not burned body. Upper and middle shelves for more convenience, you can do on removable stationary supports, and the bottom – in the form of a portable seat. But do not forget that all the elements of this equipment, even the smallest, should have bulge or a small slope so that water flowed freely. We must not forget about the little things that help you create a bath with a maximum of comfort: the wooden bars on the floor, shelves for bath accessories for a footrest. Just do not have to cover with paint or varnish wood surfaces in the bath. Because the tree immediately lose all the benefits of: cease to retain heat, will lose the natural smell.

Ceiling The ceiling in the bath should also be warmed, in addition, care should be taken impregnation rafters and beams, as they will constantly be exposed to high temperatures and humidity. Heaters can be very Various (glass wool, rock wool, polystyrene, polyurethane foam). The main thing – to make them fire-resistant and sufficiently stable to decay. Before you sew the ceiling, which in the bath is usually made of planed boards should be lined with a space between the roof and ceiling paroizoliruyuschim material. This may be a special material or simply polyethylene film. But here's bathhouse built, and you can not wait to see how it retains heat.

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