Throughout History several samples of government forms have appeared to who all the power falls to a few hands, and these live as well thanks to the work of thousands, and in spite of this, they are very not very often those that these whatever in which the power lies pay attention to the needs and exigencies of the town, is more, almost in the totality of the times, the government carries out actions that solve problems not so important, so to speak, but that they cause a great impact in the feeling of the society, small infrastructure works are called that benefit to a determined sector of the population, but which they repel greatly in the image and credibility of the State or governor according to is the case. Nevertheless, when the problems are a little more complicated or numerous as much in resources as in capital, the subject takes a somewhat different tonality. When these situations appear that cannot be solved even be made up with somewhat banal actions, but imply a reconstruction or a reframing of one or diverse public policies, the uncomfortable governors feel something, or by the questioning to their project of government or due to the necessity to reframe the same based on being able to solve the problem. But when only speaking of a governor in particular when talking about to the demands of the town a deceit would be committed, since the State does not fall to a single position, or in a single person but in all a network of diverse sectors with several interlaced layers to each other and which in his to act altogether they take I finish the different functions that the governmental organism must realise in its totality. Taking into account this fact, he is a little simpler to approximate us to the root of the problem of the demands of the society and the answer of the government towards the same.

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