Pilot project starts in North Rhine-Westphalia together with your “heart”, the NRW on AIDS prevention campaign, launches a new pilot project the AIDS-Hilfe Bielefeld e.V. on May 29, 2010. Under the motto: “The gay city rally with heart and passion” will be held the “gay challenge 2010” in cooperation with local clubs, pubs, venues and advice centres. As a media partner, won the German online community GAYS.DE. Young gays are called to rediscover their city. Typical scene pubs, terms from the gay world and everyday questions about homosexuality will be part of the city rally. Background of the action is that the gay world is increasingly online. Fewer and fewer young men know the counselling and leisure activities of their city.

Ab no matter whether gay youth club or gay sports clubs the first contact to the scene is running increasingly in the virtual world. Reason enough for the AIDS-Hilfe Bielefeld E.v. with a pilot project start. In collaboration with the Bielefeld-Frolic team”was a Day of action developed to bring the gay scene in their city closer to the participants. Together with like-minded people to tasks and explores the real start and meeting places for young gay. This comprehensive is the virtual world involved be. “so Peter Struck, Managing Director, AIDS-Hilfe Bielefeld e.V. “The first gay challenge 2010 the gay city rally with heart and desire” is used as a template for a nationwide project of the AIDS-Hilfe North Rhine-Westphalia.

“The prevention campaign Frolic” and the Bielefelder AIDS-Hilfe e.V. occur for the first time together as an organizer and organizer and want to work successfully on the overall concept and then present their partner institutions. For combining the real with the virtual world, the organisers have actively involved the gay online community GAYS.DE, as well as the Web sites of the scene local participating institutions in the city rally.

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