Since I am the motorist and the situation in recent times is that the State (Ukraine) is trying to squeeze out with the car owners 'all the juice', here are a few situations in which he got, and what to look for on the road. Driving in the city, so as not to seem 'snail', we can safely hold 80 km / h at 60 allowed, because We are officially fine with privyshenii speed over 20 km / h. In principle, the state inspector has full authority to stop you for abuse, scold, and no more. Even if you 'vpoymali' on the appliance, remember that only Vizir clearly shows that you were driving it, it is in a given direction, and it was with a certain speed. But even in such situations can be made by you to dispute charges. If neither endorse devices, such as Golden Eagle, to challenge his testimony is fairly simple.

Here is an example when I stopped. In the village privysil about 5 km / h (moving 85). Stops the inspector. Not ashamed, pass as far as possible, because we need time to choose the right parking spot, and put pressure on the brakes sharply against the rules of DD. Suitable inspetor, it seems, says that break as much as 25 km / h. The most important rule – even if you are guilty – never give in to their vinuDelayu surprised face, saying there can be no assurance that this is where I hooked? (Shows that it has only 50 seconds, to which I replied that during this time have driven a minimum of 10 units).

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