When winter is over and the summer is approaching, like every year we try to lose some weight and achieve our wellbeing weight. Many newspapers and books to provide us with Crash diets and we are tempted to carry out such a diet, because we were attracted by the fast success. But often we have after a successful crash diet, quickly lost weight back on it and have removed us from our comfort weight. But how can we permanently lose weight A crash diet is not that leads to success. We must try to lose weight and maintain healthy weight through healthy eating. This little exercise is good. Sport contributes to long term weight loss. Has proven particularly well as a mixture of strength and endurance training. Endurance training increases the energy consumption and thus promotes fat loss, strength training builds muscles and to increase the basal metabolic rate. Cosmetic Surgeon takes a little longer but we hold the weight better. For healthy weight loss and healthy eating takes a lot of fruit, vegetables and salad. ItToday there are a wide variety of vegetables and salad, we should bring a lot of variety in the diet, as does a healthy diet and take off a lot more fun. We should eat high quality protein from lean meat, fish, soy and eggs. Fat added in moderation to high-fat, cold-pressed oils, fish, or avocado. The carbohydrates give us energy. Here, we should prefer whole grains, brown rice instead of white rice should be preferred. Legumes provide us with vegetable protein, fiber and complex carbohydrates, have gone to the sausage, it gives too much fat. If we limit then sugar, hidden fats and alcohol, we can relieve us strong and healthy, without limiting renounce many things. All who like to nibble it should try power nuts. They certainly provide a lot of calories, but are also very healthy. A handful of nuts are allowed. Some diets work for a similar concept, the Logi Low carb diet or to propagate in a quickCarbohydrates such as white bread to give. Basically, however, even with these diets long-term dietary changes necessary for healthy eating.

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