Dry facial skin (HYPOSTEATOSIS CUTIS FACIEI) for herbal medicine with dry skin are suitable plants containing essential oils (leaves balm, mint, etc., roots and fruits of parsley, chamomile flowers, leaves and flowers of creeping thyme etc.). Recommend to combine them with plants that contain mucus (mullein, mallow, marshmallow root peeled and medicinal, coltsfoot, quince seed, etc.). The above ground parts of plants or pressed and the resulting juice After straining, put on your skin or make a poultice once a day – only 10 procedures. The results of treatment may be more satisfactory and stable, if the application contains essential oils of plants and carry out Steam baths for the face. These plants are also useful for oral administration in the form of salad, infusion or decoction.

In the dry state, these herbs can be used after careful grinding or pounding. In such cases (general practice) 5 teaspoons of raw material to fill a glass of boiled water and let stand in a closed vessel for 10-15 minutes. Then strain the liquid and ostuzhennuyu used to compress, wiping, smearing, etc. mixed with boiled linseed seed this liquid can also be used for face masks. The resulting slurry while it is still warm, place on face for 15 minutes, after which the skin is cleaned with water or boric pink and then put on her thin layer of moisturizer. Steam bath of medicinal plants for dry skin. For this purpose, a mixture of equal parts of herbs: balm, fennel, lavender, chamomile drug, calendula, mother and stepmother.

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