Portabilidade the capacity of the system to be transferred of an environment to another one. Table 3.1? Characteristics of the Quality of Software according to ISO/IEC 9126-1 Wikipedia: 9126 ISO/IEC Existem other elements if to consider at the moment to evaluate the Quality of Educational Software, therefore these applicatory ones are only justified at the moment where it makes possible quality in the teach-learning processes. The educational aspect is basic for evaluation of the quality and, the choice of software must be made by the professor, whom in general, technician is not accustomed with as many criteria. 4. Proposal of aspects and evaluation of educational software Inside of the objective to analyze a product of educational software, directed to Ensino de Superior Nvel, under the optics of a professor and/or specialist of the educational area, I understand that the following aspects must be boarded: 4.1. Aspects Technician) the Documentation of Manual User/of the User (Printed matter or on-line): * it must possess correct instructions and of easy understanding for installation and desinstalao of the product; * all the functions and/or activities that software executes must be described in the documentation, in simple and understandable way; * the documentation does not have to possess grammatical errors; * the used terms must be in the same language that used in the interface of the product and the messages must be explained. b) How much to the usability: * to verify if the type of interface of software it is adjusted what it is destined; * if the representations of the functions are of easy recognition and use; * if the orientaes given for software on its use are clear and easy to be understood; * if the amount of information in each screen is appropriate what software is destined, if is homogeneous, of easy reading and it does not possess errors; * if software possesss clear exits of emergency, so that the pupil can leave a state not desired, when chose erroneamente a function, without the flow of the dialogue and its continuity are wronged; * if the animation, the sound, the colors and other medias are used with balance, preventing pollution ' ' sonora' ' and/or ' ' visual' ' ; * if the interface possesss ' ' system of ajuda' ' allows that the pupil appeals it in any screen that if finds.

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