Function "It is easy to iron" loosens underwear during a special spin phase interval in the spacious Maxx-drum. Simply press, and free time will be longer. * The "Hand washing wool" There is a persistent belief: the case of woolen goods, you must hand wash. Well, if you wash your favorite sweater in the washing machine Bosch, it means that you have entrusted his "good hands". Smooth mechanics wash the correct dosage water, a special drum rhythm of movement – all these will provide an excellent result. * 100% control result using a unique sensor system electronics continuously editing program, analyzing the full range of wash parameters: – the degree of load – the type of fabric – the stage of the program – included special features – the number of filled water – temperature – the degree of turbidity of water – the amount of pollution in water – the presence of foam – an imbalance in extraction. * Maxximalny choice Even the 'simple' Bosch washing machines provide you with maximum opportunities. A set of programs and special functions can be combined 150 individual programs for different tissues and zanryazneny.

* Electronic control of machines with electronic control is easy to distinguish – their programming is rotated in both directions. Important advantages of the series Maxx – flexibility and intelligence. They do not obey the 'blind' to the will of programmer, but rather act on the situation. With the help of sensors, they constantly analyze the full range of washing options, and always take the appropriate decisions.

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