Perhaps Paris is a wonderful city, the best one of whatever you can visit, but always before arriving for the first time at a place it agrees to know a series of essential advice to develop well and without problems by a large city of this type and more when it belongs to another country different from ours. It depends the days that we travel interested plus advice or others to us. If you live in Europe, you will not have any kind of problem with the money, since like for years, the majority of countries we belong to the zone Euro, is not necessary to go to any house of change, which always is troublesome and expensive. But it does not think that although we have the European unique currency in both countries we are compared in prices. Absolutely. Although the standard of life is higher in France and mainly Paris, the prices almost in everything are superiors to which we can be found in any Spanish city.

For example, to take a cervecita, a coffee or a simple tail in a Parisian terracita, us can leave three or four times more expensive than in a city of Spain. It always is advisable when traveling to these places, at the time of going to a bar or restaurant, before seating to us or entering to consult the lists of prices that usually are hung to the entrances of the premises to avoid surprises of last hour in the account. I say it by experience. Not only we will be this problem in drinks of terracitas and coffees, if that also we must be kind at the time of going to eat or not to have dinner. Paris is plagued of French typical restaurants, also calls brasseries, in them we can find typical kitchen and menus French that vary of price based on which they offer.

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