In 1615 the coffee the Europe arrives, in form of these grains, that had been taken by deriving travellers of the East. The production of the plant, however was only possible some years later. The Dutches had been the first Europeans to develop the coffee, they had obtained to burlar the Arab monitoring and had gotten some changes. The Frank one, that it received a foot from coffee of gift of the dutches, also started to make tests with the plant. From then on the culture of the coffee was if spreading for the old continent and for other European colonies, thus arriving at the new world, where it entered for the Suriname, They are Domingos, Cuba, Port Rico and Guianas. This more necessarily occurred in 1718.

2,3 the ARRIVAL OF the COFFEE IN BRAZIL the coffee was brought for Brazil for the hands of the military man Francisco Melo Vane, in 1727, entering through the Paraense border. The plant already possua great commercial value in the dutch and French colonies of America. Vane that was sergeant-mor was sent the French Guyana for the governor of the Maranho and Par, Mayan Joo of Gamma, with the task to bring to Brazil coffee seeds. More officially the reason was another one: to mediate the dispute of border between France and Holland. To reach the objective, Vane if approached to the wife of the governor of Caiena, capital of the French Guyana, conquering its confidence. It was when xcara of coffee tried one for the first time. It counts the history that woman if would have gotten passionate for the Brazilian military man. In the farewell of Vane, one supper was offered to it, when supposed loving it a bouquet of flowers, stuffed of fertile seeds of coffee would have presenteado. (BELING 2005 p 17). According to Beling (2005, p 17), the first seeds planted in ground Brazilian if had developed in the provinces of the North of the Country, mainly Par and Maranho, without great expressividade.

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