Therefore you should not avoid professional help graduate dietitian. It will be an individual type of food, will tell a lot of things interesting things about your own body and helpful and harmful to his food. And even when that individual type of food is already so closely come into your life, and become unconscious, the presence of a dietician will not lose relevance. It will monitor how the impact workout on your weight, you start to add weight, lose weight or vice versa, and what it is connected. You will be able to discuss with him everything that you worry: take or not take a multi vitamin or mineral supplements in food, drink whether alcohol and coffee and the like. So remember: a nutritionist at the club where you go to train – it's convenient and very useful! And as a coach, there is not even about what speak. There is no coach – not a workout! The trainer develops individual training program, taking into account the features of your body, help to correct the figure to calculate the optimal load.

On personal classroom trainer fully controls the training process, helps to overcome difficulties, support your motivation for training. Personal training – it is direct control of the trainer during training for correct execution of exercises, duration of rest between sets and exercises, the proper selection of loads. The advantage of personal training – is an individual program for each workout, Depending on your progress and well-being, long-term planning of the result (a breakdown of the intermediate stages, monitoring of intermediate results), security, performance potentially traumatic exercise (Safety net, the monitoring of exercise equipment and all that).

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