The term of guarantee begins to count from the date of the Act of Reception of Obra not from the date of deed of sale, as erroneously the proprietors think. TERM FOR ITS LEGAL CLAIM: Once the damages within the term of guarantee are pronounced we will be 2 years old to demand them judicial route. Therefore, if in his building they appear humidities (habitability damages) within the first year of the triennial guarantee that marks the LOE, will be You, 2 months to demand them from that same moment in which they have appeared, and not as erroneously they come believing the proprietors when thinking that the term to protest begins once passed the 3 years of guarantee. DOCUMENT NEW AND VERY IMPORTANT to consider from now on: The BOOK OF the BUILDING whose delivery to the Proprietor Communities is forced the Promoter; constituting the fundamental document for the proprietor at the time of demanding responsibilities by constructive damages in its building. Libro of the Building it contains all the graphical documents written and that register the history of the construction, for its knowledge and later maintenance by its proprietors. Its practical main function and is the one of a Manual of Conservation of the building for its proprietors, gathering all the obligations that these in the matter of conservation and maintenance of the building. But, of the documentation that Integra is, among another one: – The Project of the work and modified his, if so; – The Final Certificate of Obra; – The Act of Reception of the work and an identifying relation of all the participants in the process of construction of the building. These documents are essential for the proprietor at the time of demanding the existing damages or constructive defects in their building, because through them and like fundamental information, we will know if we are within the terms of guarantee and we can or not demand responsibilities to the different constructive agents..

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