Agreeing on the price and terms of the transaction and after receiving the money to the account of the seller's side go to a public notary (witness), which certifies the signature under the purchase agreement without addressing its substance. The cost of his services to an average of 50 euros. When purchasing a house or problem (that is, objects relating to land) he transfer of ownership for the new party by the court a second instance of the location of the property. Procedure is fairly routine, not difficult. Sometimes, however, that the court does not register ownership rights if it finds that the purchase was made at a very high price for the area than had been violated rights of Finnish citizens who wish to own real estate in these places, but not having the ability to find such a large amount. It should be noted that such cases are extremely rare and do not affect the overall favorable picture for investors. Real estate tax holiday is 0.5% -1.0% per year, depending on the area, and to use as a permanent dwelling – 0.22% -0.50%.

On land without buildings tax will be 1-3%. Tax collection begins with the moment the construction plan was approved, but construction has not begun. In Finland applies progressive rates of taxation. Minimum income at a subsistence level are not subject to tax almost. Exceeding this level of citizen begins to pay council tax, only with 'excessive' amount – about 17%. Low income may lead to the fact that taxes paid do not have to.

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