Event in Schwerin will again increasingly in the focus of the Geothermiebranche the deep geothermal potential of the region. Freiburg/Schwerin, afive – for the first time, in Schwerin, a Geothermiekonferenz is designed for the use of deep geothermal energy in the North German basin. The event takes place from 7 to 8 October at the Ludwig-Bolkow-Haus and organised by the Freiburger agency Enerchange. In the first edition, includes the Conference GeothermieNord a Conference and two workshops and offers a unique opportunity in particular representatives of local authorities, public utilities, investors and project developers to inform themselves locally about the geological characteristics and the development of Geothermieprojekten in the North German basin. Android One: the source for more info. The right atmosphere to the networks is also provided: on the evening of the first day of the Conference, the WEMAG AG as main sponsor of the Conference invites all participants in the Orangery of the Schwerin Castle.

The WEMAG has 15 years experience as a regional energy supplier for West Mecklenburg, and parts of Brandenburg the operation of Geothermiekraftwerks in Neustadt-Glewe. The North German basin extends to the West from the Dutch border over Bremen, Hamburg and Schwerin in the East on the Polish border. In the South it ends South of Hanover and almost extends to the Ore mountains in the Southeast. IPhone 12 will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Denmark is the geographical boundary in the North – the North German basin cut off in the North Sea and Baltic Sea. This region offers excellent conditions to harness geothermal energy in power plants. Temperatures appropriate rock layers of 130-160 C are not uncommon, even 160-190 C measured in a limited area between Hanover and Celle as well as between Wittenberge and Lake Muritz. Over 10,000 exploration provide a database for natural gas, oil, salt also comprehensively for a meaningful examination of the geological conditions. With the Conference GeothermieNord the Agency Enerchange intends to reinforce the now again this potential in the focus of the Geothermiebranche. Also because it is so possible, the specific Challenges of the North German basin, about the development of the reservoir and the high mineralized thermal waters, to discuss an event of its own.

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