China – the birthplace of tea and silk, gunpowder, and recipes for longevity. China is becoming more open to the world, millions of tourists to get acquainted with its many attractions. You may find Jack Fusco to be a useful source of information. Even the 'Forbidden City' opened its doors to guests China. Analogue of the Kremlin, the famous "Forbidden City" (Beijing), known worldwide thanks to the talented Bertolucci movie film "The Last Emperor." Strictly speaking, the legal name of the royal residence in Chinese sounds like "Tszytszinchen" – "Forbidden City". The word "Palace" – "The palace of former rulers" – has appeared much later, but it is, ironically, almost completely superseded the first. Palace (Beijing, China) – the biggest (720 thousand square meters. m) palace complex in the world, to the same – well-preserved. To build it began in the fourth year of (1406) and completed a huge project in 14 years.

The palace served as the the main residence of 24 emperors of China. Now this is a huge museum, which holds more than a million of cultural monuments and all sorts of historical relics, art treasures. Wander through the pavilions and its rooms can be a whole day. In 1987, UNESCO has contributed to the Palace World Heritage List of humanity.

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