Then, within half an hour shaking ruts on a dirt road. Nearby is a clear chain of hills. 'Area-51' – right behind them. Throughout my visit I saw no one car, not a living soul was not included in the field of view, and a terrible road rastryasla me to pieces. On the horizon appeared a speck, gradually turned into a dark bus with blacked out windows with black paint. On high speed bus mysterious disappeared behind a high hill. Later I learned that the special bus brings in Area 51 workers, and then take them back.

On reaching the hills, I saw a shield with a red warning sign: 'Stop! Forbidden Zone! Protection to use force and weapons. Entry only with the permission of the guard. Section 21 '. It was from this crossing the border warned me Day. Looking around I spotted nearby on a hill two cameras, staring at me violet pupils.

After just two minutes of a powerful suv 'Hammer' slowly crept up the hill a hundred yards to my right. Two men in bright camouflage began to scrutinize my binoculars. I watched them, they followed me. Feeling that I did anything wrong, did not bring calm, anxiety increased. My desire to make a couple of shots of these gentlemen immediately disappeared as soon as I looked at the other board: "For photography – Arrest! ". In my imagination I have the newspaper with screaming headlines: 'disappeared journalist found dead in the Nevada desert', and again I remembered the advice of Day to behave very cautiously. I nervously opened my car and dusty in a nightmarish way back to Rachel. But just 20 seconds later there was a wild roar of the helicopter, and his shoulders, I saw hovering ahead of the black helicopter with a car aimed at my heavy machine gun. The situation was clear to the limit – should stop immediately and do not even think of that at least an inch off the ground This database is not marked on any topographic or aerial map on how to have time to explain to me Don Day, however guarded very carefully. Hundreds of microphones and sensors, solar-powered, cleverly disguised on the edges of local dirt roads and trails, and hidden in the road ruts. Installed in pairs in a half-dozen meters from each other, they catch the slightest hesitation and vibration of the soil, indicating your location and direction of movement of operators for monitor panels. Why would such a control?

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