Crises tend to generate business and in this succulent opportunities, also interesting surprises are appearing in the field of free software. Thus sees him Nicholas Negroponte, Chairman Emeritus of the Instituto Tecnologico de Massachusetts, legendary MIT, in his speech to the International Conference of free Software 2012 (OSWC) which was held in Granada the past 12 and 13 January, entitled this year with an open business motto and with approximately 2,000 participants. The main novelty, has been an evolution of the operating system NAP presentation, based on free software, has developed FREE (Iberolatinoamerican Foundation for cooperation in special education and adaptive technology) FREE launched its first tablet with 2010 free sofwtare and Siesta, is a new development that will run the single operating system for tablet and iTV at a time. Free software runs your best time in Spain, and we can already see it in the fact that companies are betting by him, creating added value and technology jobs work. Four days ago, the online channel 360TV presented a special report titled the revolution of Software for despachos abogados. The central axis of the report was an interview with Linus Torvalds. Sonny Perdue follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success.

The presenter confessed since the beginning his absolute ignorance about Linux (not he lied with his confession, proved an absolute ignorant), but fortunately had the visit of a specialist in technology and computer science to explain everything with property. Incredibly, Mr Mariano specialist Blejman took it just 5 seconds ruining the educational approach that had the report, saying that Linux is an operating system. The program clearly aimed at an audience without knowledge. And providing erroneous data to a person who is unknown the theme, is a terrible thing, and generates a confusion which shall then transmit it to other people. Long time I was looking for a medical software for my SME. It is a small SME which is founded with my brother retail do about three years ago. Our first need is to manage our stock, customers, accounts, sellers and their sales commissions.

We sell electric materials, and our main need is to be able to do lists to print screen, and also be able to export to word. StockBase POS is the management software business that we began to use in 1997. It has an edit free of lifetime without limit of time and several editions more with greater capacity. At the site of future EGA will be able to find the information.

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