What is creative visualization? Creative visualization is a way of using the imagination, which lets you create what you desire. It is the natural power of your imagination, the primary creative energy of the cosmos, which you consciously or unconsciously, constantly in use. It involves understanding and self-tuning on the natural principles that govern our universe, as well as training in the use of these principles consciously and creatively. Imagination is the ability of the mind to create ideas or mental images. In creative visualization, we use imagination to create a distinct image of what we want. Then we By focusing on this idea or picture constantly, giving it positive energy until such time until it becomes a reality.

How does visualization sozidetelnaya To understand how the creative visualization, need to consider several interrelated principles. Physical universe – is energy. The scientific world is beginning to make discoveries that have long been known to teachers in the field of metaphysics and spiritualism. Our physical universe does not consist of 'matter', its main component is a force or essence that can be called energiey.V physical sense we are all energy and all that is within us and around us is made of energy. We're all – part one huge energy field. Things that we believe the material and independent of each other, in reality, are merely different forms of unified energy that is everywhere. Energy causes vibrations, which have different frequencies and thus acquire a different quality – from fine to coarse.

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