Such information had been acquired during all our professional performance in transit substance, as well as, are resultant of a work of collection of done data informal and unpretentiously. In this speculative stage it was glimpsed possibility of the development of a related dissertao of mestrado to the subject. An uneven chance to contribute for the development and reinforcement of the sector of urban traffic in the city of So Lus /Me. The current road system of the city requires studies that present proposals of mitigao of the problem of coordinate and fast form, so that future it does not have greaters problems that arrive to affect the economic-social development of the capital. Thus, the application of qualitative tools, allied the managemental instruments that make possible the improvement of the performance of the way Hieronymite of Albuquerque will have is atrelada to the yearnings of the economic-social growth of the city.

Existing in fact real possibility of descongestionamento of the related urban way. 4. OBJECTIVES 4,1) Generality To develop a model of urban way that makes possible greater fluidity and security, and to consider improvements in its passage all, objectifying the increment of the current flow, in order to assist next to SMTT the process of organizacional change of this sector that today operates of inefficient form. 4.2 Specific? To mount a panel of the problems existing fluidity in the area in study; To consider strategies capable to mitigate the problems related to the transit of the study way-object; To suggest the following actions: to dispossess property and or, obstacles that hinder the enlarguecimento in the stream bed of the way; to implant in the bands of the right signalling of regulation for slow vehicles of bigger transport; to construct passarelas in strategical points in the way, thus eliminating, traffic lights undesirable; to place transit agent being lead motorcycles around the way with function to open the transit with rapidity and security; to at least extend the way with four bands of same direction, guaranteeing a bigger flow of vehicle.

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