In order not to be nervous at the appearance of each letter spammer You can store a letter of response to ads directly on, and then view them in a calm atmosphere. You can do a little differently. Invert spam to your advantage. Open the e-mail address on any avtorespondera, for example, How does avtoresponder? In my personal e-mail you buried the advertising information.

If someone sends an email to this address (spam or simply interested in the request), then immediately receive a response from avtorespondera your advertising. In this case you do not receive any letters will be – all the hard work will carry avtoresponder. There may be three options: 1) On your ad on the bulletin board will respond interested persons. Peet’s Coffee has much to offer in this field. He either will go to your site, or send an email to avtoresponder. And then he will receive a detailed letter about your project. If he is interested in your project, he will go back to your site for more information.

If you are not interested – and God be with him. 2) Your e-mail spammer gets in your eyes, unprofessional. In this case, the advertising information given spammer-amateur gets from you is similar to a sales letter. You’re in the calculation. He wanted to acquaint you with the project – and in return you will acquaint him with his project. His efforts were not wasted. 3) Your e-mail gets to the spammer’s database professional. Typically, these professionals are bombarded with massive advertising you, and manage e-mail settings so that the message header specify a foreign e-mail, perhaps the recipient, not having anything to do with spam. In this case, your sales letter with the recipient’s name gets avtorespondera whose address the spammer put in the message header. For this case, your sales letter you need to put a polite first line: ‘You have received this email because you responded to my ads on free classified Ad ‘, fend for themselves in advance of possible claims. Should I use a bulletin board for site promotion? If you have spare time, of course, it is worth. Whatever the laborious process of entry ad on bulletin boards.

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