Spain needs innovation. Spain needs productivity. Spain needs use. They say many it, few say how to do it. The next Thursday 30 of June will be spoken in ICADE of Madrid of how obtaining a model that guarantees sustainability.

DBM Spain takes for years developing pioneering projects in our country in the field of the talent and the experience of the clients applied to the development of new techniques of sales and management of personnel. For this reason, and to present carried out practical cases with companies like Niscayah, Lagun Insurances Hoop, Cigna or ING. Direct, it has summoned along with ICADE the I Day of Experience of Client Thursday 30 of June of 9:30 to 13:30 hours in soothes of the Pontifical University of Quotation marks, in the Alberto street Eyrie, n 23, of Madrid. In this unique event, cases of success of different companies would be analyzed in depth that have been able not only to sell more but to as much have more contentments to clients as to employees. All we know that in the enterprise world, between the present and future usually are two years of difference, those that separate what it is made here and what becomes in the United States. In this country they are still taking more far what here already it is a reality: the improvement of the experience of the client. According to the study Forrester 2010, a 90% of the companies consider critic for their strategy.

For a 80% of them, the client experience is its source of differentiation, explains Alberto Cordova, partner director of DBM Spain. Experience of client is the experience of the users when acquiring and to consume products or services offered by a company. Each client creates for himself a perception in each interaction on the company to which she is related and on which offers to him, which repels in his satisfaction, loyalty and entailment.

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