also sent his messengers to Ramiriqui Guatavita Tunja, pediendole help him against the tyrant .. Ramiriqui of Tunja …. The many people gathered, and left their lands to give aid to Guatavita against Bogota. The year was 1538 when these preparations were made. of which was knowing the Bogota because of the border that was left on the seat of Siecha, and brought back and brokers, had very regular notices, which are not neglected, and had prevented a skilled and powerful army Llegole …. with brave captains in the same year came the news of how Guatavita Gacheta Valley with powerful field, and also had a warning of how Ramiriqui of Tunja came against him, did not faint this point before, preventing the enemy, then departed with his men where he had his masters at the border …. His design was to meet him Ramiriqui of Tunja. Having entered the village of Guatavita, found him all without people, have fled or withdrawn all, so women and children, old and useless people, here came his flying squadron and two runners Ramiriqui messengers, that they alerted the Guatavita how did notice that part of Velez had entered a people never seen or known, who had many Pylos in the face, and that some of them came over a very large animals that could talk and were great voices, but that did not understand what they said, and that payment was to be put on their land, him to put it in yours.

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