Free checklist to ERP solutions on available at Frankfurt/M., 14.04.2010 enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems make today the backbone of information processing in almost all companies regardless of sectors or sizes. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Peet’s Coffee. Companies that employ modern business ERP software to gain significant competitive advantages: they save material and resources, improve, streamline and accelerate their operations, are more flexible and more transparent, and this total will be greatly reduced their costs by up to 40 percent! * but also significant, potentially even existential risks for a company facing these opportunities and benefits. Because an inappropriate or incomplete implemented software can completely paralyze even the processes in a company in the worst case. Because the critical core of many ERP systems is its lack of flexibility. The systems run critical business functions, can often, but not fast or far enough to changing business needs or to specific customer requirements will be adjusted.

In just the middle class needs flexible and powerful software solutions that positively affect productivity, revenue and costs. Therefore, a comprehensive and competent support by a qualified partner, as well as a professional design is success in the introduction of an ERP solution. \”While it matters, to define from the beginning to the essential, individual business processes of a company and to lose in the course of the project, not from the eyes\”, explains Michael Suermann, CEO of S & S solution developer software and Services GmbH. the successful introduction of an ERP system is one of the most important goals, that the solutions in the shortest possible time productive and the investment that should remain within the given financial framework \”, Jurgen oberbeck complemented the Office Rhein-Main S & s software and service as Managing Director, leads in Muhlheim in Offenbach. The selection of the right (right) ERP system is anything but easy. For medium-sized companies have the choice between a range from nearly 300 different business software products to overlooking. .

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