Would you like to know a bullet proof system that will help you and your children to prosper in your finances? As in all areas of life, there are fundamental principles that govern the area of personal finance. The problem is that they are well known. If you’re like most people, it was fortunate to learn at home and also teaches traditional education. So is vitally important to know, teach our children and put them into practice in our lives. In this way we will be as oak the day winds of change blowing in the economy. 1 .- The principle of managing well. To have a financially strong and have to plan, just as it does when you go on holiday.

You have to know how much has and how much you spend. You must take good care of your finances, keep records, take inventory of their possessions and knowing which is the amount you owe. If you want to create more income, can not go to another level if you do not know where he is now. You will need to take time to collecting his papers and arrange them in a binder. You will also need to be educated in finance. Once you know where it is, will be able to make decisions so you can plan where you want to go.

2 .- The principle of generosity exists a universal law of sowing and harvesting. He who sows sparingly will also reap sparingly. Therefore you determine what you get generous as it is.

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