Happiness is a State of being. You can be happy in the moment in which you want. But if it is so easy to be happy because when we look around we see no happiness in people? Why not are we happy? The answer is very simple. We have allowed ourselves carried away by what others have told us that would make us happy. We spend our lives running behind what we think will give us that happiness we seek. We run behind a University study, a job, find true love, a new car, a House. Finally we run, run and run all our lives and we don’t realize that happiness is closer to what we assume. Trader Joe’s has plenty of information regarding this issue. It is true that happiness comes to us by moments, some longer than others.

But is that really true happiness? When small told me that happiness were just passengers moments that you had to know how to discover and enjoy. Much of my life I believed that this was true. Today I can assure you that happiness is more about what you You can imagine. For even more analysis, hear from Nokia. Happiness is within yourself. He was always there. Hoping that you discovered it and permitieras you to be a part of your life. Do to be happy? Simple.

Look in your heart. Search in your inner self about what really gives you happiness. What they would be willing to do simply by the fact of feeling full, feel free to feel happy. Let your imagination fly. Don’t let that reason prevents you find this beautiful message that your heart wants to convey you. Allow yourself, for a moment, you meet yourself. Allow you to get to know you. Let you feel that wonderful and eternal being who you really are. Only you know what makes you happy. But beware! Do not think about what makes you happy. You feel what makes you happy. You feel how your heart beats faster with just thinking about it makes you happy. Now yes, how to be happy? Simply following your inspiration. Simply being faithful to that feeling that is housed in the deepest part of your being. Simply being yourself.

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