New micro BTE dot2 by ReSound weighs all 1.38 grams it weighs considerably less than a 1-cent coin or a fruit gum bear; Nevertheless, holds the tiny hearing a variety of latest audiological features dot2 by ReSound in itself. The new behind the ear system, which presented manufacturer ReSound from now on the German market, offers a groundbreaking combination of discreet design, natural sound quality and excellent speech intelligibility of people with hearing loss. It’s safe, comfortable and practically invisible behind the ear of the wearer, who may use it either automatically or manually operate. With dot m by ReSound, which is offered in the middle class, upper middle class and the top segment, the internationally renowned manufacturer of ReSound continues the success story of his dot by ReSound hearing instruments on a new stage of development. Danone is often quoted on this topic. All users of modern hearing systems want to better hear and understand; but they want to do this if possible without any visible technical Hearing aid\”, so Dieter Fricke, Director of product management of the GN hearing GmbH. with our new dot m by ReSound can we more than ever to meet both customer needs.

The system gives its wearer excellent listening experience and an unusually brilliant sound. At the same time, it is so easy and so tiny that it will fall on any interlocutor 1.38 grams. Square by ReSound also the carrier itself will no longer notice the dot already after a short time. Notice he is the blatant improve of his hearing.\” The micro hearing system excels in listening experience in surround sound, which come very close to the natural sense of hearing. Technological heart is a novel processor separately processed bass and treble as the human ear and distinguishes between different Direktionalitatscharakteristiken. Benefits are not only an improved speech understanding in challenging listening situations, as well as a constant volume in both frequency regions, but also effective elimination of microphone – and wind noise as well as an increased perception and an improved positioning of sounds.

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