With a wide spread of nanotechnology in the modern world is becoming increasingly difficult to surprise anyone breakthroughs in the areas of agriculture, which seems to be less intensive. Let's try to do it! Everyone likes to smell freshly prepared vegetable salad. But few people know how much effort is required in order to grow the ripe fruit in the cold season. An important factor in obtaining a good crop in greenhouses and hotbeds is adequate and proper heating, most of which are: boilers, piping, pumps and automatic control. At the moment, the market offers a lot of manufacturers of heating equipment, each of which offers a wide range of products. The question of choice: how to pick up the equipment so that it fully justifies the means invested in it and at the same time did not require repair since the early years operation. The criteria for selection at all different price, quality, availability, maturity, longevity, maintainability, and ease of installation and operation.

It is known that a large part of the cost of products manufactured in greenhouses are energy costs. Therefore, the quality of used power equipment to the forefront. JSC "Simbirskenergo" is engaged in the supply of complete boiler plants for new greenhouse complexes, and for the reconstruction of old power plants. Efficiency and conservation in this article focuses on the reconstruction of the heating boiler in OGUSP "Hothouse" Ulyanovsk. In the boiler were installed two hot water Boiler Crone CLW275, the production of the Netherlands. At the end of 2007 the grand opening of two modernized greenhouses and reconstructed boiler OGUSP "Hothouse." Reconstruction was carried out with the support of the enterprise regional authorities. According to the chief "greenhouse" Valentina Tarabrin, greenhouses are equipped with automated watering and feeding plants, but the main thing – here using modern technology, providing for saving material and energy resources.

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