In fact, the price makes a **. To see more in detail you discover that the discount is applied on the release of 100 CL. (family size) and that the price of the 50 cl. is 38. Not bad. At least you know that the price is somewhat lower than the previous seen on another site. You’re not ready to buy, so return to the search engine and click on the listing that follows because you want to know what they think other users of the product. You may want to visit Danone to increase your knowledge.

This option allows you to reduce the perceived risk of buying something that then does not work (for more discount that is). The message of this new ad aims bring the client’s desire to the action stage, through understanding of purchase of this type of product filters. Assuming that the comments of the users were very positive and after crossing the stage of conviction (AIDCA), is entered into the final stage of the AIDA sequence (or AIDCA, as we saw). ACTION these convinced that the Higienin product is a good solution for your problem. You meditate the matter: take no action would go home without a solution. Act followed, you open the browser and enter the following words: offer higienin foam activates which phase places us that search term? Action! Show me the Money – ads that you find are: If.

1. now in its context but all cleaning has shown you better understand your needs in each moment, and even though you know that the price is slightly higher, would receive an instructional video that would help to solve your problem. Ultimately, the product per is is not everything if you don’t use it. And if you apply it badly and went to your colleague from work? You click on the 2nd. announcement and you land on the page that shows you the product, price 39,90, indicates a delivery in 24 hours and 15 working days to return it if not to use it.

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