Easter celebrations in the town of Prizzi, located in Sicily, attracting every year thousands of people. Festival opens Palm Sunday, submission of the last supper of Christ in the Holy Thursday, Good Friday procession and Finally traditional dances Devils on Sunday of Easter. On the morning of the day Easter boys dressed devils, and run on down to the road, waking country noise circuit, which they shake on purpose, and asking for alms from the people they meet. Dance of the Devils – an allegory of the eternal struggle between good and evil. A true representation begins on the first night, "devils" are pootdal from the statue of Christ and Madonna are protected by angels, devils and death are trying to hindering their 'dance' to the fact that the meeting between the two statues from happening. The main characters performances – three characters in costume, two Devil and Death, and one in the 'bourgeois' on a mission to collect and store offers. Devils dressed in red, wear a big red mask on her face with big teeth, a prominent language, a large nose, two small slits for eyes and two huge horns on his head. Death, in contrast, wears a yellow suit and wears a mask in the skin, carries with it a spring, to threaten its victims. This is a choir and a spectacular feast at the end of which good triumphs victory when, after various attempts, the two statues can meet.

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