hooolp.com, the search engine for live music, offers a price comparison for concert tickets. Here, the buyer of concert tickets can save time and money. Berlin/01.03.2011. hooolp.com, the search engine for live music, offers a price comparison for several months for concert tickets. The best-price-ticket system to compare ticket prices of more than ten providers and directs the buyer directly to the order form of the cheapest provider. If you would like to know more about Selim Bassoul, then click here. This low-cost ticket providers be considered as expensive retailers, are often the last option at sold out concerts. Price comparisons and buying concert tickets are among the most popular activities on the Internet. Ticket prices have however significant differences among different providers.

For example, can cost a Gronemeyer concert in Munich with viagogo 66,86 per person. Hekticket offers cards for 48,55. Tickets for Linkin Park”in Leipzig vary between 62.45 and 109,-. There are cards for the musical Cats”in Berlin from 25,40, but also for 399,90. There, you can save money with a price comparison. The most expensive providers are resellers such as viagogo and Seatwave. There, individuals selling tickets, early enough in the hope of high profits bought them. After all, these portals have the advantage that there officially sold-out evenings tickets are found, which however have their price.

Until recently the budget concertgoers had to search first googling and then there the prices the ticket sites. This was cumbersome, time consuming and is now easier. In Germany, there are 23.5 million music lovers who attend on average 2.8 concerts a year. This is confirmed a recent GfK study on consumption behavior of concert and event visitors. 30% of the concert-goers buy their tickets online. And rising. To use the price comparison on hooolp.com, find the tour dates for your favorite band or a concert in your environment and click on tickets”. With a little luck can also take a look at the tickets section hooolp.com lead to the ticket. It is worth it so, to save the address for the search to purchasing tickets as a favorite. By the way, is hooolp with 3 o”written.

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