To these questions I will answer you, Nicholas Slepakov, who has worked 10 years for children's coach hockey, and who gave this beautiful game for more than 20 years of life. My students have been a winner of regional and urban events in the Kemerovo region and g.Mariinske. So, in order How old is better to place the child on skates? The optimum age for beginning hockey classes 5 – 6 years. But what if, for whatever reason, your child could not get the hockey section in this age. Learn more at this site: Symantha Rodriguez. For example, did not pass the selection on their physical ability, or you have at that time simply did not have funds to pay for training of the child, and maybe just no one to carry his early morning through the city on the train But it so happened that the child is older, physically stronger and wants to learn to be good on skates and learn how to play hockey. Further details can be found at Symantha Rodriguez, an internet resource.

What should I do? There is – a way out of this situation? Of course there is! Not happens in real life desperate situations Now that we have in quite a few sites with artificial ice, which carried out massive ski 2-3 days a week. And it's great! Another thing is that when you look at the "kata", then 'll find dozens of 2-3 people who are more or less correct move on the ice. Here lies the way out of this situation. Why not create a group of 3-5 people (teenagers) who want to learn the basics of hockey Crafts? Let it be 10, 12, 14, does not matter It is important that the child so wishes, but her parents could pay for the occupation of the coach. (Payment is purely symbolic) It is clear that the artificial ice will go mainly training Technology skating. And the ability to correctly and efficiently to skate – a 80% success for hockey! Well, when floods drown ice in the courts, it will be possible to conduct classes on the boxes, teaching teenagers the rest of the secrets of hockey skill. Possession of a stick, stroke technique, practice shots, power moves, etc. The small size of the group will deal with individually, taking into account the level of each of them. Three sessions a week is quite enough so that during one season your child will quite confidently stood on skates and has mastered the initial skills of hockey craft. Of course, there a lot will depend on the individual abilities of each child, their chief of desire! Therefore, on reflection, decided, why not advertise on the Internet and does not help those kids who stayed out in the cold?

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