(Because we know that the power and laws are the main focuses of corruption and misdirection of the man). But all these who would exercise education and on the basis that structure? The answer would be the society itself through its historical knowledge, contextual reality and interests of the subjects. But coincidentally this is another point of review exhaustive, and wonders: what society is that educate individuals?, does the current? The corrupt society, unconscious and formed by the minimum taxable? Then not only should change the current educational structure, but also the society itself. And only just look in that process of changes in social paradigms that we want to change subject by what for us is the right thing (because they live in today is not the right thing) do not we are precisely imposing a new system right? (and in the end what is the right thing?) do and want to transform this society, such reality, in a world of freedom and human autonomy, not are curtailing itself also one’s own freedom be who knows now not is, but that does not want to wound to be? Analysis of pedagogy of the dignity of being being (interview of Jorge Rivas Diaz with Hugo Zemelman and Estela Quintar) original author and source of the article.

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