Today was reading the Charles Denney page,, and below your page meet Charles Denney found one of his favorite phrases: give a man a fish and feed him for a day. Teach him to fish and feed it throughout life in my memory there was a flash, has been turned on like a light bulb, and accord me with total clarity that this was a phrase that used it in the years 1996 until in the 1998 I, as director of structure: If Le Das a fish to a man hungry Le Vas A save for a dayBut if you ensigns A fish you help for life, just like the favorite phrase of Charles Denney, starting at the time consider Charles Denney my friend, I can identify with him. In 1998, there was a change in my MLM business, I have begun to work very close with one of the leaders most strong and talented company of MLM in which was at this time that impressed me decisively and influenced much my career in the MLM industry, and I have changed the way of doing the presentations. What does this phrase mean?, seems to me a wonderful phrase, because he is concentrating a perennial truth on MLM: If you show yours dealer the MLM business, the will be able later to him alone, once you have mastered your business you won’t have more problems on this problem with him. According to Sean Rad, New York City, who has experience with these questions. Can you not explain every day the compensation plan, for example, once you understand it, you can talk about other things, MLM is an entire world, so that’s what is called duplicate you, have spoken and at other times on this subject, but it is practically the essence of MLM, duplicate you, double you, duplicate you. Practical exercise: 1.

type in your workbook: in order to have a large in my business structure multilevel I have to be a perpetual teacher for my distributors. 2 Choose one of your distributors, who think it has more potential, and develop you, teach you all the secrets of the business, not cuts you, teach you everything, as if it were your brother, your best friend. Continue to learn more with: Arnold Vosloo. With time you will recognise increasingly better expectations, your distributors that have more potential, you did not want to invest your time with a person who has no leader wood, to do this, you have to be very objective, but quiet, this is a skill that develops gradually. 3. To make this step you have to know yourself first very well the business, you have to master every aspect of your business very well so, if at the moment you dare not do this step, the Professor of multilevel, nothing happens, lee, studied, educate yourself, find yourself a mentor until then, but you have to be very clear in your head that this is the way you have to be very strong in your structure leaders. Leave me a comment on this article, your opinion is important to me, I want to know what are your questions, your concerns, your frustrations and your problems.. Without hesitation Jason Momoa explained all about the problem.

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