The last millennium I mean even nearby late in the 80s years that was part of the unique University world then my mother who used to give me good books, gave me one in particular, the society of the ubiquity of the French sociologist Jean Cazeneuve. According to the always wise advice of my mother help me better understand my profession Sciences of communication and a better performance in a real communication medium. Actually read it was not only interesting, in fact it helped me much to understand that still invincible circle of the Mass Media (communication of masses aimed to the general public through radio, tv, written press, film, cassettes, exhibits and advertising) in those years was unthinkable that in less than a decade, this great dictatorship of the mass medium it standardized by several decades and led our lives in many wayswithout giving us direct access to replicated and as well said Cazeneuve, these mass media, only allowed to get the universe to the reach of our sight and hearing. In summary we granted the gift of ubiquity, this means being on every side, but not access to interactive communication. While the presence of the mass media, remains total, never imagined that with the advent of the Internet (wonderful invention that radically changed the concepts of human relationships) would begin at the end of the Millennium, the great era of the power of information and connectivity in real time, installing the era of interactive communication from you to your, as never occurred in the history of mankind now we are hyper connected with the world, we are an active part of this great global village of which both speak premonicamente Maclujan. Currently we have only a click, all the diversity of ICT s (new technologies of the information) mobile phones, lap tops, net books, iphones, blackberries, TV satellite, In addition to those who are to come.

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